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Lili l’Abeille

by C. M. Potter

Lili aimerait te raconter sa vie dans la ruche. C’est une très vaillante petite abeille qui habite avec sa maman et ses milliers de sœurs et frères. La vie n’est pas facile pour Lili et sa famille. Elle se demande ce que leur réserve le futur. Sa maman lui a dit qu’ils partiront en vacances mais elle ne sait ni quand ni comment. La seule chose qu’elle a entendu dire par deux vieilles abeilles c’est qu’il y aurait un essaim en effervescence. Tu découvras la vie de Lili l’Abeille et de sa famille au fil des saisons dans l’attente des vacances.

“L’histoire est charmante ! Elle nous fait découvrir la vie de nos amies les abeilles. Lili l’Abeille est un livre qui est non seulement un vrai plaisir pour les enfants mais aussi c’est aussi un livre éducatif qui permet de mieux comprendre qui elles sont. Que l’on soit jeune ou moins jeune, il est important que nous soutenions ces petites créatures exceptionnelles.”  —Patricia Snow Ferris, auteur, A Most Curious Destiny

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Text Styles: Consistent Work Flow from Word Processor to Page Layout

by Henrietta Flores

Working with the Text Styles that are built into the software we already use, we can simplify and speed up the process of turning a manuscript into a completed book or document. This guide is aimed at writers, editors, and designers who work freelance or in small organizations that don’t have the resources to acquire beginning-to-end publishing systems. Using text styles removes the ambiguity of the intentions of writers and content creators, and saves the people doing design and layout from guesswork.

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News from the Unconscious Realm: Hard-Nosed Journalism to Plumb the Depths of the Psyche

by Chester Henry

News from the Unconscious Realm is an extensive collection of vivid news dispatches from the dream world. If the experiences we have in our sleep are just as valid as waking life, these reports are of vital interest. Far from being imaginary, the unconscious is full of ideas and actions, and it’s literally the source of our conscious world—the pool that material reality emerges from. The opposite of breaking news, these stories, presented in hard-nosed journalism format, have helped to bring our world into existence.

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Princess Smile

by Adele Royce

This is how it all started. Princess Smile is the prequel to Camera Ready, narrated by lovable but flawed Jane Mercer. Jane struggles with her self-image while reaching for the stars in the cutthroat world of Los Angeles advertising. As she claws her way up to the position of Director of Accounts at the ad agency, Warren Mitchell & Associates, her career goals force her into fierce competition with her colleagues. When Jane is coerced to comply with a client’s unreasonable and sordid requests, she frantically seeks an escape.

Enter the savagely handsome Craig Keller, managing partner of rival agency Keller Whitman Group. Jane has admired him from afar, and he’s taken a sudden interest in her, offering a prestigious high-paying position along with a long list of benefits that only existed in her wildest dreams. Jane is willingly lured into Craig’s professional and romantic web, quickly learning that his money, attention, and affection come with an even higher price—one she is not sure she can pay.

A high-stakes tale of ambition, friendship, secrets, brutality, and desire, Princess Smile is a must-read for the contemporary woman.

Adele Royce’s website

Princess Smile is an engrossing read that keeps us cringing and cheering with Jane Mercer as she strives to make her mark in the advertising industry. Is she good enough? Is she pretty enough? Are the other women she encounters friends or competitors? Is advancement worth enduring harassment? Why is she more attracted to the dangerous bad boy than the nice guy? Women who have worked in the corporate world will see themselves in Jane and fall under the fast-paced spell of this novel”  —Lori Swick, author of Comfort and Mirth and Dreaming—The Sacred Art

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The Lighthouse

by David Osborn

An historic lighthouse at the tiny coastal village of Shinnecock witnesses during one month both murder and espionage when the select Summer White House Oval Office is lodged in the neighboring private home, to which the U.S. president retreats on holiday with his entire family, and which this year sees a highly secret visit by a prince from Saudi Arabia, where two American scientists are held hostage.

“A good tale of mystery and murder. Its plot twists and turns in and out of an intriguing whodunit that packs a punch at the end powerful enough to floor one.”  —Western Morning News

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The Sasquatch People: Guardians of the Earth

by Leanna R Saylor

My husband Jerry and I stayed busy seven days a week running our commercial construction company. After we moved out to the country, we enjoyed the peace and quiet during our off-work hours. More than a decade later, extraordinary things began happening.

“There was one big question I asked myself over and over, but I knew an answer was not forthcoming. I was all alone—or was I … ?”

“This book contains some of the most powerful and moving stories I’ve ever heard about working with other beings and dimensions. Learning about the Sasquatch has changed my life—and I am so excited for other readers to have the same experience.”  —Teja Rhae Watson, author of Light Reclaimed: Billie Knight

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The Saucer-Heads

by George Bixley

Don’t mess with the hothead—or he might just mess with you. Slater Ibáñez is only interested in two kinds of guys: the ones he wants to punch, and the ones he sleeps with. Things get interesting when they start to overlap.

Hired to track down Finley, the missing boyfriend of tech worker Truax, Slater soon discovers that the job isn’t really what he was asked to do. The search for Finley leads him to an arcane book and the flying-saucer subculture, where a deep dive takes Slater out into the Mojave Desert, leaving him unsure of the precise boundaries of reality itself. With input from Doris and his operatives, and begrudging help from his romantic partner, Pike, to weasel him out of a jam, Slater cuts a dogged path to sort out what Truax really wants, and what Finley is really up to, all the while juggling high explosives, navigating his deepening narrative complex with Pike, and never failing to throw that punch.

A freelance investigator, Slater trolls the dark side of Los Angeles, rooting out insurance fraud, not afraid to use whatever means necessary to get things done, and not about to hold back with his fists. A queer antihero for a new age, Slater walks the line between ordinary life and the frayed fringes of society, keeping his balance with the back-channel support he gets from main squeeze Pike, business partner Max, and operatives Andy and Etta.

“Slater is the quintessential bad-boy protagonist, and I so enjoyed the ride. Really easy to get lost in this fast-paced mystery that has plenty of fun twists and turns, hot sex, and a peek into LA’s darker side.”  —an Amazon reader

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But Is It the Bad Kind?: A Story About Uninvited Guests

by Dr. Rachel Orgel

Have you or someone you love been told they have a tumor, a mass, or cancer? After the initial shock of a diagnosis, there are often many questions. But Is It the Bad Kind? uses a child-friendly analogy of uninvited guests to tackle that uncertainty. Inspired by the author’s own journey battling cancer, this book is meant to answer questions, reduce anxiety, and offer hope

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The Saugatuck Conspiracy

by David Osborn

Kelsie Gordon leads a double life: one as a ruthless and deadly undercover agent for the Treasury Department, tracing Kremlin and Russian oligarchs’ money from Moscow to leading American businessmen who are secretly supporting neo-Nazis and white nationalism, and a second as an anxious loving mom to a younger brother, while hiding from all that she is the illegitimate daughter of the U.S. vice president.

“No better example of absorbing, fast-paced intrigue. Compelling to the last punctuation mark”  —Clive Cussler

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The Landers Mystique

by Christopher Church

On a weekend break in the Mojave, psychic investigator Mason stumbles across the story of a bygone journalist, Geraldine, who expired in the desert on her way to one of the early flying saucer meet-ups. Unable to shake the pointlessness of the tragic tale, Mason trades a favor with his psychic-world mentor, Hanh, who sends him to the East Coast to attend a wedding where he doesn’t know anyone. Wracked with guilt about his role in disrupting the event, Mason grapples with the cost of intervening in Geraldine’s life, and gains new resolve to change the outcome.

With help from his mid-century friends Billy and Flattop, and with the unflagging support of his boyfriend, Ned, and their roommate, Peggy, Mason shifts to Geraldine’s era, and on a long road trip to Landers, manages to rearrange things enough to shake the foundations of his own timeline.

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“Every foray by Church’s wonderful psychic detective Mason Braithwaite is a truly suspenseful page-turner in the most unusual crime series ever, and certainly one that no aficionado of crime fiction should miss.”  —David Osborn, author of the best-selling thrillers The French Decision and Love and Treason

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Footprints of the Montford Point Marines: Strides in Overcoming Racial Disparities in the Marine Corps

by Eugene S. Mosley

The Footprints of the Montford Point Marines explores historic information about the Montford Point Marines and also my dad, Corporal Thomas Mosley, while serving with the first group of African American Marines in the United States. This is the story of a brief period of his life, from Montford Point Camp to the Pacific in World War II, and seventy years later being awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by Congress.

These men came from all parts of the United States to the South to train at a segregated facility called Montford Point Camp, adjacent to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, the largest all-purpose Marine base in the world. It had the best equipment for all types of military training, but these new black enlistees at the adjacent Montford Point Camp were not allowed to enter unless accompanied by a White officer—Camp Lejeune was exclusive to White Marines and their families only. With World War II looming, the government needed all hands on deck and created millions of new jobs in preparation but continued keeping Blacks out of the job market and housing.

With the pressure imposed by groups such as the NAACP, President Franklin D. Roosevelt had to rethink these exclusions, at least in the federal workplace, and through negotiations with many groups, led by A. Philip Randolph, Executive Order 8802 was issued by President Roosevelt on June 25, 1941, to counter racial discrimination. The U.S. Marine Corps was part of the defense industry, and as a result had to open their ranks to African Americans who wished to serve. The Montford Point Marines became giants in the Asiatic Pacific and were some of the greatest heroes this country has ever known.

Through swamps, hills, and worse terrain, under heavy enemy gunfire, they were able to supply ammunition, fuel, food, and medical supplies to troops on the front lines where most others had failed. They were also charged with removing the dead and wounded back to the safety of the ships waiting offshore. Eventually they were called to the front lines and fought in every major battle in the Pacific islands.

Some seventy years later, on June 27, 2012, approximately four hundred of these brave men, mostly in their eighties and nineties, finally received their just recognition by receiving Congressional Gold Medals. Other families received the medal posthumously. From 1942 to 1949, the 19,168 Montford Point Marines paid the price so others could follow in their footprints to continue the legacy of the few, the proud, the Marines: Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful). They were also known as “The Chosen Few.”

“Eugene Mosley’s Footprints of the Montford Point Marines is much more than a moving tribute from a son to his father. Told largely through the eyes of Thomas Mosley, one of the nation’s first African American Marines, who trained at Montford Point, a portion of Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina, it also contains additional research on the White officers and Black noncommissioned officers who trained them and accompanied them into battle in World War II’s Pacific theater. Mosley’s work, easily accessible, is a valuable contribution to the literature on the gradual, and often grudging, acceptance of African Americans into the American military.”  —Melton McLaurin, Professor Emeritus of History, University of North Carolina Wilmington, and author of The Marines of Montfort Point, America’s First Black Marines

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Beyond What We Can See: The Afterlife and What Awaits Us

by Beverly Holliday

What happens when we die? And what happens after that?

Drawing from more than two hundred conversations with departed family members and friends, Beverly Holliday takes readers on a journey into the afterlife. She answers the questions many of us have contemplated about Heaven. What happens the moment we leave our physical bodies? Where do we go? Who do we see? What do we do?

Beyond What We Can See offers both fascinating and comforting details about an existence currently beyond our wildest imaginings.

“A fresh view of the afterlife in amazingly relatable details. You will find yourself surprised and delighted by the hidden life of the spirit.”  —Donna LeMole Saucier, author and educator

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Light Reclaimed: Billie Knight

by Teja Rhae Watson

It’s June 2020, and on top of the Covid shutdowns and racial justice revolution, Billie Knight’s dad just died. She soon realizes he wasn’t the one who hurt her when she was a kid—but then who the hell was?

Billie, a fifty-year-old muralist and art teacher, sets out to solve the mystery of her trauma—from the off-grid queer community she built on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, through Seattle’s autonomous zones and underground theaters, to her wild childhood home of Humboldt County—with her long-lost bestie, Randall, as her partner. Between stakeouts, suspect-snatchings, witness interviews, and flashbacks, Billie and Randall must confront the conflicts that kept them apart for so many years.

The truth is like a feral animal—the closer they get, the more it claws and hisses. Will Billie and her spirit army find the answers she needs to bring the perpetrators to justice and reclaim her place in the universe?

Teja Rhae Watson’s website

“Teja Rhae Watson writes with the emotional depth and beauty of someone who has seen what the characters in Light Reclaimed: Billie Knight have seen: trauma and darkness, but also powerful friendships and glorious, spiritual redemption.”  —tammy lynne stoner, award-winning author of Sugar Land

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