Christopher Church

Church has worked as a journalist, writer, and editor, and was one of the driving forces behind Japan’s Jezebel magazine (1992–1998). He helped found the Hummadruz Film Festival (1999–2000), which held events on three continents and provided a platform for filmmakers working in world music and environmental themes. More recently he has worked on Los Angeles–based entertainment magazines and as a rewriter for peer-reviewed academic journal articles and works translated from Asian languages. The Mason Braithwaite paranormal mystery series is an ongoing venture to explore the liminal space between our perceived reality and whatever the hell else is going on. Church currently lives in Los Angeles with a partner and a neurotic dog.

By Christopher Church:

Signs Point to Yes

The Desert Rats

Reach for the Sky

Billy Blood

Rubber-Band Ball

The Invisible Arrow

Penstock Canyon

The Man from Grapalia

The Mythical Blond

Stealth Glasses

The Melted Pineapple

Night on the Water

The Landers Mystique

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