Signs Point to Yes

Signs Point to Yes

by Christopher Church

After quitting his dead-end job, Mason enacts his dream of becoming a psychic investigator, despite skepticism from his boyfriend. Eluding sketchy Hollywood thugs, surviving his first lap dance, and paying close attention to his dreams, he manages to solve a few mysteries and even surprise himself with his psychic skills.

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Selected praise:

“Looking for a page turning detective yarn which will keep you riveted right to the last word? Signs Point To Yes features a whole new exciting slant on private eye-ing and is the book for you. May we see more of Mason, his unabashedly psychic detective and a lot more of Church’s no nonsense plotting. I loved it. Couldn’t put it down.”  —David Osborn, author of Murder on Martha’s Vineyard and The French Decision

“Mason is a hero like none who have come before him: a sensitive, queer P.I. whose only weapon is his intuition. As Mason follows his heart, figuring it out as he goes, we follow along, through the streets, subways, and strip clubs of Los Angeles. I’d follow Mason anywhere!”  —Teja Watson, author of Attic.doc

“A lot of gay fiction that I have read latterly seems to fall into the realm of fluff—read a book, forget it. That is … not true here.… I am so glad to see that new authors have picked up the gauntlet and are taking our literature to new places.”  —Amos Lassen,

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