Christopher Church

Christopher has worked as a journalist, writer, and editor, and was one of the driving forces behind Japan’s Jezebel magazine (1992–1998). He helped found the Hummadruz Film Festival (1999–2000), which held events on three continents and provided a platform for filmmakers working in world music and environmental themes. More recently he has worked on Los Angeles–based entertainment magazines and as a rewriter for peer-reviewed academic journal articles and works translated from Asian languages. The Mason Braithwaite paranormal mystery series is a new venture, with six volumes planned. Christopher currently lives in Los Angeles with his partner and a neurotic dog.

By Christopher Church:

Signs Point to Yes

The Desert Rats

Reach for the Sky

Billy Blood

Rubber-Band Ball

The Invisible Arrow

Penstock Canyon

The Man from Grapalia

The Mythical Blond

Stealth Glasses

The Melted Pineapple

Night on the Water

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