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Glad to Be a Ladd

by Marilyn Ladd

Experience with me what life was like living with thirteen other family members in a two-bedroom, one-bath house in a typical 1950s middle-class, postwar American neighborhood. This story is an unusual combination of revealing autobiography, insightful self-help, and handy classroom teacher’s guide.

Survive rides with me and my mother and eight siblings on summer vacations to Southern California beaches and campgrounds in our 1950 two-door, two-tone green Plymouth station wagon. Join the fourteen of us for a typical family dinner in our moderate-size kitchen that was designed for six. Accompany my very pregnant mother on a bus in 1945 to Fresno to stay with the in-laws she had never met before while my dad awaited his Army discharge orders.

Anyone born between 1946 and 1960 will find a delightful nostalgic journey down the baby boomers’ memory lane. Others might use the story of my personal failures and subsequent triumphs to create value and positive changes in life. Teachers may find my suggested supplemental teaching techniques valuable to incorporate into the classroom.

Enjoy this book. I wrote it as a clear and compelling testimony describing my childhood recollections that convey to you why I am Glad to Be a Ladd.

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Messages from Sam: A Daughter’s Insights on Our Lives Here – And Her Life in Heaven

by Beverly Holliday

What happens to our loved ones when they die? Can we communicate with them? How do they spend their time?

After her daughter, Sam, passed away, Beverly Holliday sought answers to these questions. Through divine guidance, she found professional mediums who helped her connect with her daughter on the other side. These dialogues comforted and healed Beverly while illuminating an existence beyond earthly life. She devoted several years to recording and transcribing her conversations with her daughter, with the mission of sharing Sam’s messages—to bring hope and comfort to others who are grieving or seeking guidance.

This true story offers a glimpse into Beverly’s life as the mother of a gentle, compassionate child who left this world unexpectedly. Throughout the book, Sam shares her insights about her time on earth and many fascinating and uplifting details about her life in heaven. These messages from Sam have dramatically changed Beverly’s view on life, the afterlife, and losing her child—transforming her grief into joy.

“This is an author and a story you can trust. A fascinating, moving, and inspiring memoir about love, faith, and courage. This book taught me a lot about life after death—which, in turn, changed my life for the better.”  —T. R. Watson, novelist

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Beyond What We Can See: The Afterlife and What Awaits Us

by Beverly Holliday

What happens when we die? And what happens after that?

Drawing from more than two hundred conversations with departed family members and friends, Beverly Holliday takes readers on a journey into the afterlife. She answers the questions many of us have contemplated about Heaven. What happens the moment we leave our physical bodies? Where do we go? Who do we see? What do we do?

Beyond What We Can See offers both fascinating and comforting details about an existence currently beyond our wildest imaginings.

“A fresh view of the afterlife in amazingly relatable details. You will find yourself surprised and delighted by the hidden life of the spirit.”  —Donna LeMole Saucier, author and educator

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Parent Child Excursions: ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism

by Dan Shapiro, MD

Written for parents, clinicians, and educators, Parent Child Excursions is a practical book about helping children with ADHD, anxiety, and autism. In this unique approach, Dr. Dan presents ADHD as a problem with stopping, anxiety as a problem with going, and autism as difficulty balancing these competing tendencies. From the introduction: “This book is quite simply a story of red light and green light, braking and accelerating, holding back and forging ahead.” Based on this simple formulation, management of problems with self-control depends on finding the right balance between excitation and inhibition.

These five Excursions present entirely new ways to think about caring for “different drummer” children. Readers will discover an unprecedented level of detail. Based on scientific research and years of clinical experience, Dr. Dan takes you for a deep dive into: (1) effective medication for ADHD, (2) exposure therapy for anxiety, (3) combined therapies for coexisting ADHD, anxiety, and autism, and (4) social engineering for autism. The book concludes with an in-depth discussion of (5) autism, sexuality, and gender variation, cowritten by Dr. Dan and his son Dr. Aaron Shapiro.

As with his first book, Parent Child Journey: An Individualized Approach to Raising Your Challenging Child, Dr. Dan teams up again with illustrator John Watkins-Chow. Throughout the five Excursions, they weave a fun metaphorical tale. Readers are led along by an under-inhibited dog, an over-inhibited turtle, and a well-balanced bird of a different feather.

By the end of this comprehensive and original guidebook, parents and professionals will have learned how to prepare the child for the trail and the trail for the child.

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“For the first time, state-of-the-art and highly original methods are presented to address the issues that commonly co-occur in complicated children and teens.… Dr. Shapiro offers a remarkable combination of up-to-date scientific knowledge and extremely practical advice that will be of great benefit to pediatricians and mental health professionals, as well as to parents.”  —William Stixrud, PhD, clinical neuropsychologist and coauthor with Ned Johnson of The Self-Driven Child

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News from the Unconscious Realm: Hard-Nosed Journalism to Plumb the Depths of the Psyche

by Chester Henry

News from the Unconscious Realm is an extensive collection of vivid news dispatches from the dream world. If the experiences we have in our sleep are just as valid as waking life, these reports are of vital interest. Far from being imaginary, the unconscious is full of ideas and actions, and it’s literally the source of our conscious world—the pool that material reality emerges from. The opposite of breaking news, these stories, presented in hard-nosed journalism format, have helped to bring our world into existence.

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