For Position Only

For Position Only

by Adele Royce

For Position Only, the sequel to Camera Ready, is an evocative tale of one man’s sin and redemption—woven into the fabric of the advertising business, where lies run rampant and the truth is manipulated.

Craig Keller is LA’s preeminent ad man: wealthy, powerful, and a notorious playboy. At least, that is what he’d like everyone to think. In reality Craig’s business is plummeting at the hands of blonde bombshell and spurned ex-girlfriend Hayden Towne. He is also haunted by the gruesome death of his brother, which occurred under suspicious circumstances.

Craig’s only chance to salvage his career is to propose a partnership with longtime rival Warren Mitchell, his former mentor, whose business Craig cavalierly took down in the past. Although Craig’s advertising prowess can catapult Warren’s business to the top of the market, Craig’s womanizing reputation comes with a price. Craig is specifically warned to avoid Jane Mercer, Craig’s ex-lover, and Warren’s agency partner.

Craig has privately carried a torch for Jane for years—despite her visceral hatred of him. Her presence is a painful reminder that he lost the one woman he always wanted because he treated her so badly. As the barriers between them slowly break down, Craig is now faced with the ultimate dilemma: if he dives into a relationship with Jane, his livelihood is in jeopardy. If he rejects her, he will miss out on his one true love.

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Selected praise:

“Craig Keller is that tall, gorgeous, sexy, and ridiculously rich S.O.B. that really could sell the chrome off a bumper. Though our friends and families warned us to avoid him at all costs, Royce’s leading man reels us in against our will with his sophisticated charm and professional finesse. Once firmly under his spell, we witness the underside of his tortured soul. We root for him as he tries to work out his own salvation, taking every wrong turn along the way. But, after he turns his back on love, he inadvertently learns to love himself. For Position Only is an emotional roller coaster of glamour, greed, loss, love, and transformation.”  —Lori Swick, author of Comfort and Mirth and Dreaming: The Sacred Art

“The powerful story of a man’s inspiring, introspective journey of ruthlessness and remorse, romance, and redemption, set against the frenetic backdrop of the high-powered Los Angeles marketing and advertising world. Adele Royce captures the souls of her characters. I only put this book down when I had to.”  —Don Daniels, former president, South Florida Writers Association, and author of Rhyme and Punishment

“Adele Royce, in For Position Only, takes us not down the primrose path but through the dark night of the soul. We ache for the man whose heart, newly awakened after tragedy years ago, now bleeds in pain for the love of the woman of whom he believes himself unworthy. This unforgettable journey of two beautiful and damaged souls, drawn to each other in the depths of their broken hearts, will captivate you with its exquisite beauty.”  —Rebecca Augustine, author, Love without Cause: Create Inner Transformation, Renew Your Thinking, and Be Love in a World That Doesn’t Deserve It

“The heart of the story is round two in the rocky romance between the deeply conflicted Craig and the elegant and talented Jane. The main characters are tremendously vivid. Although the story is told from Craig’s perspective, and he is an overpowering personality, the reader will find his parents, coworkers, and friends both fascinating and lively. The story’s female villain is deliciously evil. The ad agency setting rings true, especially the preparation behind launching a successful advertising campaign. The author has obviously been there and brings the reader along. Get yourself some really good chocolate, turn off your phone, and settle in for a tasty treat of a read.”  —CarolJean and Philip Kier, authors

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