Delta Red

Delta Red

by David Osborn

Kasie Sanders, a young rising-star New Orleans police detective, is busted after a bodega shootout and is working as a wedding and children’s party photographer when she is picked for a dangerous special assignment by the FBI, investigating American ties to a sex-slave ring in Malaysia and Thailand. Going undercover as a photojournalist for Great American Families magazine, Kasie joins Louisiana’s famed Warriner family, one of whom, a prominent congressman, is suspected of pedophilia, and soon encounters, in the idyllic setting of the Warriner’s historic antebellum Lonsdale House, vicious racism as well as crimes even worse than pedophilia, and herself in far more danger than she ever experienced as a police officer.

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Selected praise:

“There won’t be a better book published in America this year.… brilliantly plotted … infinite complications … as audacious as it is original …”  —Alastair Maclean, reviewing David Osborn’s Love and Treason

“A sharp, taut adventure story … leads a trail through mystery and destruction that is elusive and enthralling …”  —Glasgow Herald, reviewing David Osborn’s Open Season

“No better example of absorbing, fast-paced intrigue. Compelling to the last punctuation mark.”  —Clive Cussler, reviewing David Osborn’s The French Decision

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