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Bad Behavior

June 18, 2019 • Los Angeles

cover of the book Stealth GlassesI’ve had feedback from several readers about Mason’s latest book, Stealth Glasses, that expressed disappointment with Mason’s bad behavior. Without spoiling the ending, I can say that in the last chapter Mason acts in a way that could be considered unethical, and which several readers found to be distinctly un-Mason-like.

It’s always great to get feedback of any kind, and these reactions have made me think about my responsibility as a creator. I think Mason knows at heart what the right thing is. To some extent human beings are defined by their mistakes. I hope readers will give Mason another chance—a chance to learn from his mistakes, and a chance to redeem himself.

Look for Mason’s second chances in The Melted Pineapple, new from Dagmar Miura this fall.

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