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Some Reviews for Signs Point to Yes

November 26, 2014 • Los Angeles

Signs Point to YesA couple of reviews have been posted for Signs Point to Yes, which came out this month. First, from Amos Lassen, a power reviewer; this is a snippet, but you can also read the full review.

“I am so glad to see that new authors have picked up the gauntlet and are taking our literature to new places. Christopher Church is a writer that I know we will be hearing more from and about.”  —Amos Lassen, ReviewsByAmosLassen.com

Screenwriter and author David Osborn also posted a flattering review; it means a lot coming from such a storied master of the genre:

Signs Point To Yes features a whole new exciting slant on private eye-ing and is the book for you. May we see more of Mason, his unabashedly psychic detective and a lot more of Church’s no-nonsense plotting. I loved it—couldn’t put it down.”  —David Osborn, best-selling author of Open Season, Murder On Martha’s Vineyard, and The French Decision

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