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The Missing Room

January 30, 2017 • Los Angeles

A user on Reddit’s “Glitch in the Matrix” describes how a room in his house would sometimes exist and sometimes not exist, and as a child he would forget about it “for long periods of time. ” Add to that a twin brother and some friends complicit in exploring the room, and the story gets even more compelling.

Sometimes the best fiction is based on people’s real-world paranormal experience. In the upcoming Ahead of His Time, I use a paranormal experience of a similar nature that I came across in the 1990s, essentially a portal appearing in an abandoned building that Mason is compelled to step through.

Reddit users chalk the missing room up to vivid dreams or the misperceptions of the mind, but perhaps there’s more going on. I’m curious as to how common disappearing rooms are. Is reality being rewritten without the child’s memory being updated? Or is the house somehow reconfiguring itself?

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