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I Sorta Hate Gilbert

July 3, 2015 • Los Angeles

The Desert Rats coverThe second book in the Mason Braithwaite Paranormal Mystery Series came out this week, and readers will find that Gilbert, who played a small part in Signs Point to Yes, has a much larger role in The Desert Rats. Gilbert has the qualities of a lot of people I’ve known over the years who act irrationally, and that part of him rubs me the wrong way. It’s part of our nature to act irrationally, and we all do it, but Gilbert’s behavior involves that unique and carefree attitude that insists it’s right, and everyone else just doesn’t quite seem to get it.

Over the course of the story, Mason develops some degree of respect for Gilbert, and I have had to do that too. With any luck he will appear again in Mason’s life to challenge his assumptions. What do you think of Gilbert? When you read The Desert Rats, let me know your insights into his unique personality.

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