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The Tenacious Goldbrick

by Chester Henry

When a stranger jumps into Celeste’s car and begs her to help him escape his pursuer, she decides to help him out. Drawn into the mystery, Truman tries to help Rolán recover some compromising evidence that his former boss, Davo, is using to blackmail him. Davo turns out to be more than a penny-ante local crook, with an expensive secret and shadowy connections overseas. Working undercover, Celeste collaborates with Mariam, Davo’s wife, on a design project, and gradually gets more entangled with her when Mariam asks for her help navigating LA’s art world.

Things come to a head in a cluttered self-storage unit when Truman and Celeste uncover the truth about Rolán and learn what Davo is really up to. The feds intercede when the pair get ensnared in their surveillance of the players. Celeste has to decide whether her feelings for their goldbrick client are eclipsed by his bad behavior, while Truman blithely hits on the G-man and hooks up with one of the tangential lowlifes.

Join the bar-hopping, booze-swilling duo as their digging pushes things right to the edge, where Truman and Celeste have to figure out whether to do what’s easy or do what’s right.

“Once again Truman and Celeste solve an intractable mystery, outsmarting some nasty con artists and macking on guys all the way. Long live the booze hounds!”  —Christopher Church, author of Stealth Glasses

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Cryptic Paisley

by Chester Henry

On sale Wednesday, December 1

When gallerist Celeste meets an old friend at an art show, the artist explains that someone has jacked one of her fashion designs, and soon Celeste’s bestie, Truman, is on the case, diving headlong into LA’s fashion industry to investigate. Truman and Celeste soon get entangled with a hinky company run by a trio of enigmatic lowlifes who produce a very unusual fashion line. Are they full-on grifters, or just not that competent? Truman goes undercover with an industry supplier, and Celeste agrees to work for the trashy fashion folks, digging deeper into their secrets and getting way too close to the blustery Flavio and his cryptocurrency scheme. As Truman tracks down other victims of the fashion scam, he finds himself drawn to a talented swimwear designer.

In this installment of the Truman and Celeste books, the duo uses their smarts and cunning to confront the crooks head-on, never hesitating to ask the next relevant question or to slam that cocktail.

“Truman is like that twinkie who slipped through your fingers that time—sweet and a little naive but whip-smart. And every man should have a reliable friend like Celeste. With these two booze hounds running around, the city promises to be a little wilder, and a whole lot more exciting.”  —George Bixley, author of Project Chartreuse

Raph’s Tale

by Dan Shapiro, MD

Raph and Hawk are two birds of a different feather. Raph can’t fly. Hawk soars high. Together, they build a boat and journey up-river. Raph comes ashore and meets two new friends, Dog and Turtle. Dog runs too fast. Turtle moves too slow. Raph, balancing in between, rides a unicycle. They set off on an excursion. But a mountain blocks their path. For the love of Tambalacoque fruit, what to do? Follow the tails of Raph, Hawk, Dog, and Turtle as they learn important lessons about diversity, friendship, and resilience.

The author and illustrator are also two birds of a different feather. Dr. Dan is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician. John Watkins-Chow is a math teacher–artist. Combining stories from their first two books, Raph’s Tale is an inspiring and richly illustrated adventure.

Bonus: Make your own coloring book! The last two pages of the book provide black-and-white pictures for children to fill in as they like. Go to to download all the original drawings and create your own Raph’s Tale Coloring Book.

Parent Child Journey website

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The Landers Mystique

by Christopher Church

On a weekend break in the Mojave, psychic investigator Mason stumbles across the story of a bygone journalist, Geraldine, who expired in the desert on her way to one of the early flying saucer meet-ups. Unable to shake the pointlessness of the tragic tale, Mason trades a favor with his psychic-world mentor, Hanh, who sends him to the East Coast to attend a wedding where he doesn’t know anyone. Wracked with guilt about his role in disrupting the event, Mason grapples with the cost of intervening in Geraldine’s life, and gains new resolve to change the outcome.

With help from his mid-century friends Billy and Flattop, and with the unflagging support of his boyfriend, Ned, and their roommate, Peggy, Mason shifts to Geraldine’s era, and on a long road trip to Landers, manages to rearrange things enough to shake the foundations of his own timeline.

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author’s blog

“Every foray by Church’s wonderful psychic detective Mason Braithwaite is a truly suspenseful page-turner in the most unusual crime series ever, and certainly one that no aficionado of crime fiction should miss.”  —David Osborn, author of the best-selling thrillers The French Decision and Love and Treason

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The Somersville Bodies

by David Osborn

When the bodies of a retired couple in a small town are discovered six months after their deaths, the local police chief, his lead detective, and the county coroner all rule the couple a shared suicide. One young woman police officer, however, suspects murder. Her dogged pursuit of the killer or killers against orders to desist eventually leads her to evidence that the deceased couple were silenced to cover up a major scandal at the state capitol and to a terrifying shoot-out when she finally runs the killers to earth.

author’s website

“A good tale of mystery and murder. Its plot twists and turns in and out of an intriguing whodunit that packs a punch at the end powerful enough to floor one.”  —Western Morning News

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Lili l’Abeille

by C. M. Potter

Lili aimerait te raconter sa vie dans la ruche. C’est une très vaillante petite abeille qui habite avec sa maman et ses milliers de sœurs et frères. La vie n’est pas facile pour Lili et sa famille. Elle se demande ce que leur réserve le futur. Sa maman lui a dit qu’ils partiront en vacances mais elle ne sait ni quand ni comment. La seule chose qu’elle a entendu dire par deux vieilles abeilles c’est qu’il y aurait un essaim en effervescence. Tu découvras la vie de Lili l’Abeille et de sa famille au fil des saisons dans l’attente des vacances.

“L’histoire est charmante ! Elle nous fait découvrir la vie de nos amies les abeilles. Lili l’Abeille est un livre qui est non seulement un vrai plaisir pour les enfants mais aussi c’est aussi un livre éducatif qui permet de mieux comprendre qui elles sont. Que l’on soit jeune ou moins jeune, il est important que nous soutenions ces petites créatures exceptionnelles.”  —Patricia Snow Ferris, auteur, A Most Curious Destiny

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The Psychic Vegan Cookbook

by Henrietta Flores

It has never been easier to cook vegan, and you don’t even need to be psychic to do it. This all-plant-based cookbook is a tie-in with the Mason Braithwaite paranormal mystery series and contains some of the plucky LA psychic’s favorite dishes.

The sixty recipes are straightforward and focus on everyday Southwestern cooking. Simple and whole foods are the rule, and few nonstandard ingredients are involved—and when they do appear, they’re explained in detail. You won’t need to make a special trip to esoteric grocery suppliers, however, as this book is ideal for cooks just diving into plant-based home cooking.

Whether your motivation is eating healthier or the welfare of other sentient creatures, Henrietta Flores guides you through some plant-based versions of familiar dishes as well as some that might be new. Many are sure to become household favorites.

“Thank you, Henrietta, for pulling together an amazing collection of vegan grub from Mason’s world. Bon appétit! —Christopher Church, author of the Mason Braithwaite Paranormal Mystery Series

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Messages from Sam: A Daughter’s Insights on Our Lives Here – And Her Life in Heaven

by Beverly Holliday

What happens to our loved ones when they die? Can we communicate with them? How do they spend their time?

After her daughter, Sam, passed away, Beverly Holliday sought answers to these questions. Through divine guidance, she found professional mediums who helped her connect with her daughter on the other side. These dialogues comforted and healed Beverly while illuminating an existence beyond earthly life. She devoted several years to recording and transcribing her conversations with her daughter, with the mission of sharing Sam’s messages—to bring hope and comfort to others who are grieving or seeking guidance.

This true story offers a glimpse into Beverly’s life as the mother of a gentle, compassionate child who left this world unexpectedly. Throughout the book, Sam shares her insights about her time on earth and many fascinating and uplifting details about her life in heaven. These messages from Sam have dramatically changed Beverly’s view on life, the afterlife, and losing her child—transforming her grief into joy.

“This is an author and a story you can trust. A fascinating, moving, and inspiring memoir about love, faith, and courage. This book taught me a lot about life after death—which, in turn, changed my life for the better.”  —T. R. Watson, novelist

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Words to Lift By

by Bob Gold

Amid the disruption of the pandemic shutdown, Bob Gold sought a way to connect with people amidst the separation, isolation, and growing uncertainty. Teaming up with poet Ryan Ashley, the duo created a series of poems to celebrate family and friends. The works in Words to Lift By capture the spirit of its subjects in poignant and heartfelt language.

With artwork by Bonnie Lee Holland and photographs by Marcia Gold, Words to Lift By transcends the dysfunction of our era. Take a moment to explore this volume and savor the power of uplifting words.

Bob Gold & Associates

“A delightful project in what is definitely a strange time. Ashley’s poems … manage to capture the best qualities of their subjects, and a close read through this tome definitely … lifts one’s spirits.”  —Henrietta Flores, author of The Psychic Vegan Cookbook

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Princess Smile

by Adele Royce

This is how it all started. Princess Smile is the prequel to Camera Ready, narrated by lovable but flawed Jane Mercer. Jane struggles with her self-image while reaching for the stars in the cutthroat world of Los Angeles advertising. As she claws her way up to the position of Director of Accounts at the ad agency, Warren Mitchell & Associates, her career goals force her into fierce competition with her colleagues. When Jane is coerced to comply with a client’s unreasonable and sordid requests, she frantically seeks an escape.

Enter the savagely handsome Craig Keller, managing partner of rival agency Keller Whitman Group. Jane has admired him from afar, and he’s taken a sudden interest in her, offering a prestigious high-paying position along with a long list of benefits that only existed in her wildest dreams. Jane is willingly lured into Craig’s professional and romantic web, quickly learning that his money, attention, and affection come with an even higher price—one she is not sure she can pay.

A high-stakes tale of ambition, friendship, secrets, brutality, and desire, Princess Smile is a must-read for the contemporary woman.

Adele Royce’s website

Princess Smile is an engrossing read that keeps us cringing and cheering with Jane Mercer as she strives to make her mark in the advertising industry. Is she good enough? Is she pretty enough? Are the other women she encounters friends or competitors? Is advancement worth enduring harassment? Why is she more attracted to the dangerous bad boy than the nice guy? Women who have worked in the corporate world will see themselves in Jane and fall under the fast-paced spell of this novel”  —Lori Swick, author of Comfort and Mirth and Dreaming—The Sacred Art

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Jessica and the Witch’s Broom

by David Osborn

On yet another exciting adventure in Fairyland, now to rescue little Prince Ethan, heir to the throne of the land of No but held hostage by the evil sorceress Lady Citronella, Jessica teams up with old friends: Greta, the fairy princess often disguised as a witch, and Sir Percival, the doughty monocled Englishman who fantasizes hunting hares with his trusty gun. Flying them about is Greta’s irrepressible witch’s broom, Sweepy, who saves the day while all the time thinking he’s the old fashioned Wabash Cannonball train made famous in country-western music.

David Osborn’s website

“Watch out Dorothy, here comes Jessica …”  —New South Wales Register

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Project Chartreuse

by George Bixley

Don’t mess with the hothead—or he might just mess with you. Slater Ibáñez is only interested in two kinds of guys: the ones he wants to punch, and the ones he sleeps with. Things get interesting when they start to overlap. A freelance investigator, Slater trolls the dark side of Los Angeles, rooting out insurance fraud, not afraid to use whatever means necessary to get things done, and not about to hold back with his fists. A queer antihero for a new age, Slater walks the line between ordinary life and the frayed fringes of society, keeping his balance with the back-channel support he gets from his idiot cop ex-boyfriend, Conrad, and regular squeeze Andy.

On an insurance job, Slater’s hunt for missing beneficiary Daniel takes him from wrangling the hardscrabble grifters of Skid Row to infiltrating the sleazy pieds-à-terre and private jets of the city’s moneyed elite. Eventually the quest takes Slater to New Mexico, where he rents an old pickup and revisits his equestrian past in pursuit of a shadowy group dedicated to flying saucers. Galliform, an old quarry, pops up in the sprawling desert, and Slater has to navigate around law enforcement, not quite willing to collaborate with them but intent on not winding up in the hoosegow. Hooking up with all the wrong guys and drinking way too much, Slater gradually starts to see what’s really going on. As Galliform increases the pressure and things heat up, Slater has to decide between doing what’s right and preserving his own neck.

“It draws you in from the first page … like me, you will anxiously be waiting for the next one in the series.”  —Amazon reader Out East

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